Monday, May 16, 2005

My Next Book To Read!!

My next book to read under financial education is still by Azizi Ali.


There are 3 types of writing financial books that i categorized:

1. low level - for those who do not have any idea what financial is all about and their cashflow usually doesnt tally. plus these group of ppl do not have money, or have money but donno what to do with it. must conquer financial planning.

  • books i would recommend reading:
    - "millionaires are from a different planet" by Azizi Ali

    2. medium level - for those who have money and wants to know more on how to invest.

  • books i would recommend reading:
    - "how you can get rich from the property and stock markets" by Milan Doshi

    3. high level - for those who has too much money and needs to maintain making more.

  • books i would recommend reading:
    -havent attempted one bcoz still in no.1 and no.2

  • Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Membership List

    i just checked my wallet and found all these membership stuff... WAHHH!! im impress with myself.. interesting me.

    IKEA Friends

    Next To Get List


    NetGear ADSL Modem Router
    -it seems lowyat no stock at the moment, so wait lor.

    TV Series

    these are the tv series i watched.

  • Lost

  • Numb3rs (combination of movie "A Beautiful Mind" and CSI)

  • Star Trek Enterprise (Ending Soon)

  • Joey

  • The West Wing

  • Joan of Arcadia

  • Veronica Mars

  • Battlestar Galactica

  • Boston Legal

  • Gonna get these:
    Star Gate Atlantis

    all synopsis, etc can be found here at

    Website Solution

    I wonder how hard it is to acquire a domain name with considerations of the followings:

    1. domain stability at hosting provider
    2. monitoring and support
    3. location and audience targeted
    4. moving cost from one hosting provider to another
    5. web hosting provider for space n pointing of domain name
    6. .com, .net, .my,, etc?


    Monday, May 09, 2005

    ASP.Net Data Web Controls

    Finally!! found da book in KLCC Times Bookstore. couldnt find da book at major bookstore in KL (mph, popular at mv, 1utama, ikano).


    another book i'm still searching except "Beginning Regular Expression" which i have already acquired:



    Finished reading Milan Doshi book. just got myself another book as im focusing on local investors. book called "Millionaires are from different planet" by Azizi Ali ref:

    why i focus on local investors first is simply because the audience they are targetting and the current market and trend in the country im living in. basically i have no idea how financial works other than "Aiya! so much arr, oh well.. " until i read these books. this is where the layman explains another layman.

    Friday, May 06, 2005

    Login Methods

    One Way Hash + Salt
    i prefer this method than to comparing hashed inputs against hashed database. this way dictionary attacks will be harder as person wont know what variables or parameter values used for hashing.

    salt is a random string.


    Light Saber ... REALLY?!?!

    Got the source here (View)

    Thursday, May 05, 2005

    Buying a Property

    Bought myself a property freehold at Tmn Melawati. ALAS! my very own home but havent got the key yet as waiting for title transfer. after that i can drill holes for air con,etc.

    these are procedures to get the property based on my case scenarios.

    1. check out the house with agent/owner for any defects especially termites, cracks, electrical cables dangling, etc
    2. get S&P (sales and purchase) agreement and documentation signed between you and owner. the killer price is the housing calculation + stamp duty.
    3. get loan from bank. another cost to reconsider is the stamp duty+fees. for my case, bank pays. though in near future im sure they will recover back the money. maybe thru their high interest rate. (exclude BLR, view latest BLR) also look out for low interest rate, repayment flexibility, penalties.
    a. upon approval, bank will send letter of offer
    b. bank will request you to sign load agreement which will be stamped

    4. buy MRTA.
    5. wait for a month or two for land title transfer to your name and finally owner gives out key.

    Note: always read thoroughly over and over again the S&P signed and never ever assume lawyer does work on time. always follow up/bug.

    a good site for R&D :

    Smart Money

    Fat Cat's Smart Money Board Game can obtain at MPH for RM395.

    Bought a book by Milan Doshi, a good book to read for beginner's like me. Here's how it looks like:


    the book is sold in MPH for RM49.90 plus he has his own forum for your queries but you must first join his group.

    Wednesday, May 04, 2005

    Login Security

    There are basically two ways to do this:

    1. Application to continually checks with temporal login table
    2. Application that stores in session

    Both achieved the same result but there is a performance and ease of navigation difference.

    - performances overhead if app continues to check with database (for no.1) but it gives confidence of security because comparison done with hashing usage. the stress will be on the database hosting side.

    - server ram piled up (for no.2) but in terms of navigation, its fast. the stress will be on the web hosting side which host IIS.

    solution: hybrid!!! i wonder if there is such in


    Regex (Regular Expression)

    A good place for tutorial:


    Books: (beginners) (advanced)


    Sites I Frequently Visit

    the internet is a vast knowledgable information and raw data and yet its as chaotic as ever. these are the sites i frequently visit. i think my hands are stuck just typing those sites.




    Programming R&D


    Movie Updates & Previews

    Christian Book Store


    Star Wars Quiz

    You are a Jedi Master.

    You are the best the Jedi have to offer. You have great wisdom and your combat abilities are hard to match. The Force is your ally, and it is useful to solve difficult problems, to help you push yourself to your limits and to accomplish seemingly impossible feats. Patience and inner strength have made you the person you are now.

    You are the pinnacle of the Jedi Order.


    got the link from leian:

    Tuesday, May 03, 2005


    ASP.Net is interesting, framework for various dot net programming. thats it!! its a programming!!! all these while im just developing scripting languages. not sure thats a language. well anyway, glad n happy that i get a chance to enhance one self into another world of stress. at least this is complex and cool at the same time.

    My first timer to blog

    its amazing how time passes by without even me noticing how that happens?! how hard is it to find a song "my future is in your hands" ??!?! goodness, been trying doing so for past 2 days now and it seems internet either not vast enuf or its just the search engine isnt that effective for particular search. either that i got the song title all wrong.. sigh!!