Sunday, August 28, 2005

Acer Extended Warranty

today went to acer IT Retail Sdn Bhd at lowyat plaza to swap(the shop keeps the 256MB two pieces) DDR RAMs from 512MB(it was originally as 256MB X 2) to 1GB(Kingston) have asked whether it would void the warranty as there is no replacement sticker after they replaced the ram memory compartment with the new ram. Ivan says just refer to the receipt as it governs the warranty.

right after, purchased the rm498 super4 extended warranty uplift to 3years. Details

went to IT Hypermarket to get me the USB light for notebook and a cross cable. (5meter)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Access Point by Linksys

Gadgets!!! got this WAP54G yesterday from MV FCC for RM299. Detail chosen due to Cisco.

Connected this AP(access point) to the SMC ADSL2 Barricade router. setup was rather simple after overcoming the first hurdle. at first it wasnt connecting well until i was given the adviced that this AP router and ADSL router is not having the same IP groups. so had to realign the AP router to that of the ADSL router IP range. after that the network heals. for simplicity sake am using WEP security 64bit. will try the other security method WPA soon.

am connecting my ferrari 4000 to this wireless access point.. simply awesome!!

oh ya, noticed that transfering of files kinda slow. guess its wireless at 54Mbps. hope to have double or triple that. but then again, if that happens all hardware requirements will need to be upgraded.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Ferrari 4000

bought myself this Notebook with additional 1GB RAM DDR333(kingston) at RM6150. bought at lowyat plaza IT Retail SDN BHD. tempting to extend warranty for 3yrs which gonna cost me rm498. most probably will do so after much consideration from friends and colleagues.

did my first recovery CD. discovery 101:
- recovery uses symantec Ghost with FAT32 reformat/reinstall.
- it doesnt contain E-Trust antivirus as it was initially pre-loaded. from email response from Acer support company Highpoint, it was mentioned that i have to bring the notebook to the centre to install such antivirus. (paid the total amount for them to tell me to come to centre. that's nuts!!)


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Public Bank Balanced Fund (PBBF)

Invested in PBBF last saturday at Jaya PB Branch together with GF.

Monday, August 15, 2005

BASS Gadgets!!

got meself bass stand for RM49 at theguitarstore at Mid Valley.


plus got meself bass strap for RM59 (44PL001 - Lizard - Planet Lock Item)

Monday, August 08, 2005

My New Room Color

6233P Blue Tune

Painted the above color last saturday n sunday. saturday used a primer white as base using Ace "Royal Accent" Latex Tintable Primer 100% Acrylic for accent colors. cost us rm79.90. had to get 2tins as each is 3.7Liter.

Sunday used the blue tune pastel. at first whenever painting we notice the paint gets lighter n lighter. eventually we realized that when it dries up, the color goes back to the color we wanted, the blue tune. phewwww..

This color we got it from Ace Hardware via color mixing machine which can produce hundreds of any colors. bought it for rm99 at 5Liter. it seems the lighter the color the cheaper but the darker more expensive as it needs more darker color. its a Nippon 3-in-1.

we had to go to and from ace hardware to get supplies from the 2 days for bout 5-6times.

there's a forum on Big debate: "Pure Acrylic vs. Acrylic Latex"

My Debut in Laser Printer

My new printer bought bout a month ago i think at rm499 which comes with a brother's bag as goodies. bought at Sri Computer at Lowyat Plaza.

Ever since then, print alot of my r&d materials which include housing, paints, bass amp, and many more.

My New Bass Amp!!

Laney Bass Amp

Bought this on 7th Aug 2005 modeled HCM30B from Yamaha Melawati for a 10% discount. AP is rm620. its a fully british made bass amp which comes with 2 round pin power cable. for more info on da bass click here.

Gonna plug in my Warwick 5-String Passive Pickup Bass.