Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Access Point by Linksys

Gadgets!!! got this WAP54G yesterday from MV FCC for RM299. Detail chosen due to Cisco.

Connected this AP(access point) to the SMC ADSL2 Barricade router. setup was rather simple after overcoming the first hurdle. at first it wasnt connecting well until i was given the adviced that this AP router and ADSL router is not having the same IP groups. so had to realign the AP router to that of the ADSL router IP range. after that the network heals. for simplicity sake am using WEP security 64bit. will try the other security method WPA soon.

am connecting my ferrari 4000 to this wireless access point.. simply awesome!!

oh ya, noticed that transfering of files kinda slow. guess its wireless at 54Mbps. hope to have double or triple that. but then again, if that happens all hardware requirements will need to be upgraded.


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