Thursday, September 22, 2005


got these from MPH MV:

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WebCam V-Gear 1.1

Gadget Corner: V-Gear Talkcam 1.1 with Mic

got this from IT Hypermarket Lowyat for RM120 after RM135 discounted. bought it on 14th Sept 2005.

bought 2 sets for GF also. so far it works within its specification but it seems not to work on my Ferrari 4000 x64 edition due to drivers incompatible. have emailed VGear support on this but till now no response. sighs.

oh well, on da desktop seems to work well on MSN and yahoo. plus CCTV function which is coool. i havent tried webcamming yet. Yahoo video conferencing kinda blur but on MSN its clearer.

there is also like a tuner type to sharpen the images. tested this product at home and office.

Logitech 518

Gadget Corner: USB Corded mouse by logitech. after MS optical mouse blue served me well throughout the years of trials, it finally gave in with total disability to both left n right mouse buttons.

so for a change, i got myself these :

i got it on the 9th Sept 05 from MV IT Market next to FCC for RM210 with no credit card surcharge. originally it was bout RM225 which the person working there gave me discounts.

surprisingly when first when to FCC, they quoted me for RM269 and after discount RM259, but still charge me another 2% for CC surcharge.